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October 26 , 2011 - Best I've Been To

Of the 3 Robertson's I've been to, this one is the best.

It is the largest and has the best selection.  This is a must stop if you ever get stuck driving between Dallas and Houston. 

Try both the beef jerkey and the turkey jerkey.  Both are excellent.  They also have various sandwiches which will help your hunger while you do the long drive.  The sandwiches are around $4.

- Byoung Kyu S.

October 25 , 2011 - REAL Beef Jerky

I've seen the signs for Robertson's REAL Beef Jerky along I-20 dozens and dozens of times when trekking my to/from Louisiana and finally was hungry enough on my way home to stop and grab a sammich.

Pulling up past the old school gas station pumps (numeric wheels?  Haven't seen those in a decade) into the dirt parking lot took me back to my formative years out in the sticks.

Grab a Coke out of the cooler, mosey up to the counter, and order a sandwich.  The most expensive sandwich is $3.99.  My $2.99 sandwich had about a half pound of DELICIOUS ham and a slice of swiss cheese.  I also grabbed a homemade cherry turnover, which was awesome.  It was like a Hostess Pie on 'roids.

I ate my sandwich outside on a picnic table listening to the hum of traffic passing by on I-20 and enjoyed the simple taste of a well made ham sandwich.  Good times.

- Chris L.


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